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Natalie Thomas Pray, OStJ; guest Timothy Carpenter, and Prior Palmer C. Hamilton.  


On June 25, Charles Morgan Royce, MStJ, and his wife, Deborah, hosted a St  John's Day tea at their beautiful home in Riverside, Connecticut. Prior Palmer Hamilton, KStJ, returned from St  John's day celebrations in London the previous day in order to attend. Also in attendance was Chancellor Doug Paul, KStJ, and Greenwich Regional Chair David M. Yudain, CStJ.

For the benefit of candidates and new members, Prior Hamilton gave a brief but inspiring outline of the history of the Order and its current activities, and was enthusiastically received by all. 

In 2016, Chuck Royce was named “Citizen of the Year” by the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of his good citizenship and philanthropy. He helped to finance numerous revitalization projects around town and preserved significant landmark properties.

LCDR Howard Chickering, CStJ
Photo by Howard Chickering