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The Priory in the USA

The Priory in the USA of the Order of St John is a 501(c)(3) registered charity, funded by Members and external donors.  The Priory receives additional support from its endowment. 

The majority of funds raised are given to the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, and other designated charities as approved by the Priory Chapter and membership. The Order is regularly audited, and publishes an annual report.


In 1957, the Priory in the USA of the Order of St John was incorporated in New York and recognized by the IRS as a public charity for the purpose of supporting the international humanitarian endeavors of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group. 

In 2008, the Priory in the USA (previously located in New York City) permanently relocated to Washington, DC, in order to advance its mission and more effectively partner with similar organizations and volunteers. 

 In 1999, the Order of St John, which has over 25,000 Members worldwide, was granted Special Consultative Status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Order worldwide encompasses two charity arms: St John Ambulance, a leading global first aid, and healthcare service whose global volunteers number over 250,000 in 42 countries, and the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group.

Helping to Create a Brighter Future in the Holy Land

In honoring the vow they take upon joining the Order, Members of the Priory in the USA have raised millions of dollars over the years to support the work of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, its hospital in Hebron, satellite eye clinics in Gaza and the West Bank, and mobile outreach, training, teaching and research programs. The Priory also provides and organizes substantial donations of medical supplies and equipment to support the Hospital's work. The Priory encourages Members to fundraise in their local areas for much-needed cornea transplants and other operations.

Other Activities of the Priory in the USA

As one of 11 international Priories of the Order of St John, the Priory in the USA has supported the Grand Prior's Appeal for the Priory of South Africa for its Home-Based Care Training Program, St. John programs in Sri Lanka and in Canada, and renovation projects for the Order's Church crypt and museum in London. On a broader scale, members of the Priory in the USA responded to (among other disasters) the tsunami in Asia, Hurricane Katrina, and the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe by providing medical equipment, supplies and financial support to relief efforts.


Prior Palmer C. Hamilton
Chancellor  Douglas L. Paul
Vice-Chancellor, Volunteer Corps  Col (Ret.) D. Gray Heppner, Jr., MD
and Richard F. Southby, PhD (Med)
Vice-Chancellor, East  William M. Matthews
Vice-Chancellor, West   Philip E. Bowles III
Sub-Prelate  The Right Rev'd Stacy F. Sauls
Treasurer    Nigel G. Heath
Secretary       Maxey Jerome Roberts
Hospitaller       Anne Louise Coleman, MD, PhD
Historiographer Maxwell W. Hudgins Jr., PhD
Geneaologist John M. Shannon
Protocol Advisor   COL (Ret) Howell Crawford Sasser Sr.
Director of Ceremonies   David A. Williams, DMin

Chapter Members


Term Ending 2019

Anne Louis Coleman, MD, PhD
Kathryn Spotswood Lines Cox
Patricia Staples Horne Dresser
John Macaskill
Marcia Virginia Mayo
Bruce E. Spivey, MD
The Rev'd Deacon Robert J. A. Zito, JD 

Term Ending 2020

Thomas Edward Kearns Cerruti, Esq.
Joseph MacDonald Dealey Jr.
Tieman Henry Dippel Jr.
Kazie Metzger Harvey
Nigel Graham Heath
Ellen Metzger LeCompte
Maxey Jerome Roberts

Term Ending 2021

Bita Esmaeli, MD
Kenneth Avril Forde, MD, FACS
Carolyn Seipp Goltra
Thomas Morgan Hyers, MD
Nasser Kazeminy
Victoria Mary Sheffield
Susan Goldwater Keenan Wright


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