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St John Volunteer Corps


As part of our mission to encourage the spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind and to prevent and relieve sickness and injury, in 2012 the U.S. Priory of the Order of St John established the St John Volunteer Corps (SJVC) for our members. The Volunteer Corps provides the opportunity for hands-on service with fellow members, much like the volunteer service that the Order’s members provide in other countries through the St John Ambulance organizations.


Volunteer Opportunities

The U.S. Priory has chosen to initially focus its Members’ volunteer service in support of veterans. Volunteers are able to choose from an extensive list of activities, including serving at VA clinics and hospitals, transporting patients to appointments and assisting with entertainment and educational programs.

Members also may volunteer to help with special recreational activities such as day trips, providing meals to veterans residing in Fisher Houses and mentoring military men and women who have retired early from the military (due to service-related injuries) as they transition into the private sector.


Getting Involved

Members may contact either their Regional Chairman or SJVC Coordinator to become involved. Volunteers may serve as little or as often as they like, but should obtain approval of their service project and submit the number of hours volunteered each month. Volunteers are awarded certificates when service exceeds 100 hours each year. Service hours are also credited toward the award of the St John Service Medal.